The importance of Funding in Real Estate Investing and How to Find it!

NO – You DON’T need to start with your own money…. Kim shows you how to Find the Money in her Funding series

What you get...

4 Instructional Videos – Everything you need to FIND THE MONEY!

  • Kim shows you how to find the money 
  • You’ll learn the what types of Funding is out there 
  • Kim shows you time saving tips with Internet searches
  • Kim removes the struggle and gives you lender scripts
Looking for Funding?

3 Lender Call Samples


  • You’ll get samples of the right questions to ask when speaking to a potential lender

  • What type of message to leave when first inquiring about lending

  • A conversation with a lender and the questions to ask
Looking For Lenders?

There’s more...


  • Spreadsheet for Lender data
    • Already prepared for you – you just fill in the data
  • Lender script
    • An actual script that you can use when speaking with potential lenders
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